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Countertop & Sink Refinishing

Bathroom vanity refinishing is often the best option for tile, cultured marble, or Formica® countertops. In addition to the bathroom vanities, Top Refinishers can also refinish your bathroom sink. Refinishing will extend the useful life of most any bathroom fixture or surface for 15 years or more. 


  • Kitchen Sink Refinishing – Kitchen Sink Chip Repair - Our refinishing process can restore the smooth, shiny, spotless look your kitchen sink had back when it was brand new. There are many different types of kitchen sink. Porcelain kitchen sink refinishing and Enameled steel sink refinishing. These are usually quite banged up from decades of use often having hundreds of nicks, chips, scratches and rust. So they tend to be a bit pricey with so much labor involved. 

Concrete Laundry Room Sink Refinishing 

  • Laundry Room Concrete Sink Refinishing – Hire Top Refinishers for concrete sink repair that provides a lasting beautiful solution to decades of use and erosion on cement laundry room sinks by refinishing.Cracks, erosion damage, pitted and just plain old beat up – not a problem. Let us repair your classic sturdy concrete sink. These are virtually non-replaceable.  

  • Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Repair – No matter what it is made of, get a brand new looking countertop and use it the same day! Ultra-Violet cured coatings are super tough in multi-stone or solid colors. Ultra Violet cured coatings are instantly cured using our specialized UV lamp. No down time – tough, durable and long lasting. With a simple but revolutionary service. Great for worn-out, damaged & outdated Formica – Corian – Ceramic Tiled Kitchen Countertops and Back-Splashes. 


Bath Vanity Countertop Refinishing & Repair 

  • Bathroom Vanity Top Refinishing Repair – Countertop refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement. Top Refinishers uses only the best materials and procedures to give you a durable and attractive countertop that you can be proud of for many years to come. 

  • Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks – Want something fresh and new in your kitchen? Farmhouse sinks can become a focal point for a range of kitchen designs from vintage to classic to farmhouse, and Top Refinishers can give you the smooth and glazed appearance that will make your kitchen look attractive and timeless. 

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