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Wooden Floor

Commercial Services

Top Refinishers not only has the skills to deliver high-end services, but our team of commercial flooring experts understands that no two floors are the same.

Additional Flooring Services

In addition to our hardwood flooring services, we are also experienced with porcelain and all natural stones, as well as installing luxury vinyl tiles and laminated flooring. Carpet and carpet tiles are also available for purchase and installation.

Services: ​​

  • Metallic with over 100 color options – This form of epoxy flooring creates a one-of-a-kind visual effect thanks to metallic pigments in the epoxy that are agitated in various ways before the epoxy cures. The end result is a floor with the illusion of depth and movement that may resemble lava, flowing water, lightning, smoke, or marble.   

  • Epoxy flake (Hermetic) with over 100 color options – This type of epoxy concrete coating uses colorful epoxy flakes to add a multi-colored and textured effect to your epoxy floor. These flakes offer a skid-resistant surface and come in a huge array of colors and textures.



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