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Repair Services

  • Bathtub Chip Repair

  • Porcelain Tub Chip Repair

  • Fiberglass Tub Chip Repair

  • Professional color matched to your damaged chipped bathtub or chipped shower pan. ​


Is your bathtub in great shape but has tub chips? We can make it disappear. Using our exclusive adhesion promoter for lasting bathtub chip repair. 

  • Bathtub Drain Replacement – You should seriously consider the benefits of replacing your bathtub drain when refinishing a Bathtub… A new tub drain/overflow completes the job and it just makes sense. Top Refinishers provide your tub with a new aesthetically pleasing look, extending the service life of the refinished bathtub. 

  • Bathroom Ceramic Tile Repair – So you have cracked or broken tiles? Maybe missing grout or water damage to a section behind the tile, Top Refinishers can provide you with affordable ceramic tile repair solutions. 

  • Bathtub Rust Hole Repair Drain or Overflow Rust Hole Repair – We specialize in RustOut Repair services! By removing the rusted metal & fiber-glassing and new brass metal ring in for the tub drain or overflow gasket to mate with.  

  • Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Crack Repair

  • Acrylic Fiberglass Tub Hole Repair

  • Acrylic Fiberglass Shower Pan Crack Hole Repair 


When repairing cracks or holes in acrylic fiberglass tubs, it’s imperative that the cause of the problem be addressed. Generally it’s due to the fiberglass tub being installed without the proper support under the tub. We address the cause as well as the damage so the problem won’t return. By using a 2 component hardening foam injected under the bathtub or cracked shower pan creates a durable lasting fiberglass crack hole repair. 


  • Bathtub Holding Standing Water Repair – Whether your bathtub was not installed correctly or has settled over time. In some cases the tub is actually dented and you have standing water in the bathtub that won’t drain, causing a staining or rust problem. The problem must be addressed before having your tub refinished or the same problem will reoccur. Top Refinishers addresses this problem by supplying a waterproof self hardening self leveling compound or an in-lay so that your water will drain eliminating the tub standing water problem for good. 

  • Baptismal Pool Tub Refinishing – Repair – Baptismal pool can become cracked – worn-out – damaged over the years. Don’t fret over expensive baptismal tub replacement. Top Refinishers provides high quality baptismal pool tub repair and baptismal pool refinishing services.  

  • Walk-in Tub Conversion – Before shelling out the cash for an expensive walk-in tub, you should know that installation requires tearing out your old bathtub. It may also require the removal of walls, modifying flooring, extensive plumbing modifications and days, if not weeks, of work. Top Refinishers has a faster, more affordable alternative. In fact, the Easy Step® is just as effective in reducing the danger of slip and fall accidents, while also increasing access to bathing for injured or elderly people.  

  • Bathtub Non-Slip / Anti-Slip Solutions For Slippery Bathtub – (Strongly recommended) Did you know that Bathmats can ruin your tub? The suction cups cause small bubbles which eventually lead to peeling and stripping. Bathtub non-slip can be added as a safer solution to any bathtub surface as a stand alone solution or built into our bathtub refinishing coating services. Our bathtub anti-slip services do not have any sharp grit and provide comfort while bathing or getting in or out of your bathtub. 

  • Jet Removal - Looking to convert your Jacuzzi into a soaking tub (jet removal)? No need to get rid of your jacuzzi . A home spa can be a wonderful and relaxing experience, especially if you suffer from everyday aches and pains, yet an in-home jacuzzi just isn't for everyone. Depending on the type of jets you have and where your system is located, it can be a tricky task and it's best to call a professional. So, let us help you convert your home spa to the soaking tub you desire. 

  • Shower Pan Refinishing - Is your shower an eyesore, hard to clean or damaged? Maybe you are simply ready for a change. Top Refinishers can repair and refinish your tile or fiberglass shower right in place! No need for messy demolition. We save you money and quickly deliver a beautiful shower that looks and feels new through our shower pan refinishing services. 

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